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Players avoid betting on 0.5 TB due to low odds.
Players avoid betting on 0.5 TB due to low odds.
Usually quotes on such a market do not exceed 1.05-1.10. Naturally, it makes no sense to play at such low odds, so we will consider such bets in Live, where the quotes will be much higher.
If the teams draw in the first half, the coefficient for this market usually rises to 1.30-1.40.
You can wait for all the coefficients 2.00 and above, but there is a danger that you do not have time to bet.
Most goals are scored in the first 10 minutes of the second half and in the final stretch of the game.
If you have not made a bet on TB0. 5 immediately after the first half, it is better to wait for the coefficient to grow significantly (by 70-80 minutes).
What matches should I bet on TB 0.5 in?
Long do rates in [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
Teams must be productive.
Choose for betting matches of those teams that scored in the last 5-10 games and that for the season almost did not play at TM 0.5.
Teams play openly.
For the strategy is not suitable teams where professed defensive tactics. It is best to bet on a game where there are opponents, each of whom prefer to play open football.
Neymar earned a cuddle-a principled match.
It is desirable that none of the teams are satisfied with the game.
The presence of video broadcasting.
If you watch the game, you can draw some conclusions from the first half. Even intuitively, when there's a goal, and when you can expect bread on the scoreboard. Evaluate how sharp the teams play, how often they hit the goal and how confident the goalkeepers of the teams play.
The presence of scoring players in the squad.
Injuries to leading players greatly reduce the attacking potential of the team. Make sure that the teams are in optimal shape and in their main line-UPS on the field out the strongest players.
Recommendations on strategies
If the bet on TB 0.5 lost, you can try to play catch-up in the next matches of the teams.
At the same time, be extremely careful, as low odds suggest a significant increase in the bet amount at each subsequent step of the catch-up.
To play the strategy is better to keep open tabs Live-rates several offices.
Odds on this market at first glance may not be very different, but if you try to play on the strategy for at least a month, the game at higher rates significantly affect the result.

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